Visit to Kenya and Zanzibar

Africa can be magical!

Would you like to follow us on our adventures as we encounter the children we have been sponsoring, with a safari inbetween, and an unwinding in a lodge facing out to the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar?

Regular readers of our blogs will remember my [Roz’s] first trip to Kenya in 2017, my first meeting with the girl I had been sponsoring since 2004. It was a life changing experience, one that will live with me forever. When I came back, Rog decided he would like to sponsor a child too, and Felix became part of our extended family.

In 2019, Roz’s sponsorship of Jecinter finished. So it will be ‘hello again and goodbye’ to Jecinter, and ‘how wonderful to meet you’ to Felix. This time as we are both going, a chance to tick off a couple of things off the bucket list. Who hasn’t wanted to do a safari in the Maasai Mara, or stay in a luxury hotel on the white sands of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar? Come with us on our journey if you have a few moments?

I started writing these blogs as a way of reassuring our adult children that apart from spending their inheritance, we weren’t getting into any further trouble. Of course if there really was anything to worry about, I wouldn’t be wasting time on a blog, so they have to treat it as a case of ‘any news is good news’! But friends have asked us to write up our travels, so here goes. The previous ones are available on††††††††

Feel free to post comments or get in touch if you have any questions?

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